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History of "Premier SoftProducers (c)" dates back to 2015 when experienced bright minds from Moscow and Siberia decided to deliver qualified software expertise to the people and companies across the globe. The legal entity presented under the market name "Premier SoftProducers (c)" is a Limited Liability Company called "Premier" now based in Russian Federation, Tax No 7017287820.

We are a reliable business partner and care about our credentials. We are included in the governmental lists of exporters:

1) Russian Export Companies Database
2) Russian Export Catalogue

We also have good will in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and it uses our testimonials on their website, please look links (in Russian, Google translate only):

a) CEO of LLC "Premier" gives his testimonials about a Canadian Expert invited by a local branch of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia
b) LLC Premier's testimonials over an Expert from Denmark invited by a branch of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia
c) CEO of LLC "Premier" gives testimonial to a seminar organized by Euro Info Correspondence Center
d) Testimonial to a Paris Sorbonne University Professor's lecture

We develop unique original custom software solutions for different industries including but not limited to oil and gas, steel, financial. Please, look at our diverse Portfolio page which is ubiquitous throughout different customers' segments.

We consult our customers, analyze their problems and possibilities, business processes and offer advantageous solutions which are unique and individual for each customer. It can be ERP, CRM systems, reporting systems, expert systems, data analysis and data processing software, etc.

Our team consists of 25 core employees around the globe (including Microsoft certified professionals for enterprise applications) which could be expanded if needed up to 75. We use certified Microsoft technologies to develop Windows and web applications (Microsoft .NET, WPF, ASP.NET, WinForms, WinAPI, Microsoft SQL Server). We are agile so we try hard to react quickly on new challenges.

Our specialists worked on projects for TNK-BP (British Petroleum's Russian Branch) such as custom created original ERP system for planning technical works at company's wells and managing its business units.

Its advantage was to monitor and predict oil production, manage investment projects, generate reports on demand for responsible managers. It is also integrated with other systems of the company.
It's a web application written in C# using ASP.NET technology and MS SQL Server RDBMS.

Also we created a reliable and unique ERP system for a financial company from the "TOP-15" asset management company's list. It helps company to track its assets.
They required some unique and specific solution but they couldn't find better software which could fit their needs and the only one company who manage to do this were we.

Now it tracks operations with assets, calculates potential profits, controls financial limits, imports and processes data from data sources like brokers, stock exchanges, Bloomberg's, Thomson-Reuters agencies, generates reports for portfolio managers and individual customers.

This is a Windows 3-tier application written in C#, Windows Forms technology for graphic user interface and MS SQL Server RDBMS. This asset management company has mutual funds for customers to invest in.

We developed an application for company's agent offices. It helps agents to work with customers and their applications (to buy, sell or exchange shares). This is a web application written in C# and ASP.NET and it uses MS SQL Server RDBMS.

We also developed quotes monitoring system for portfolio managers for financial companies.
This solution consists of client application written in C# using Microsoft Silverlight technology, ASP.NET server application, MS SQL Server RDBMS.

In our portfolio we have reporting systems for steel industry analytical company. They make publications for companies in that industry. Many tasks of this process they did manually. We helped them to aggregate data from different data sources and automate making their publications.
Some tasks may took weeks of manual work and with these solutions they can complete them instantly.
These applications are written in C# and they use WPF and Windows Forms technologies for graphic user interface.

One of our projects was very unusual.
We developed 3d-video & geographical data processing software for realty estate company which started a project similar to Google Street View (before Google Street View arrived to Moscow).
It processes gigabytes of panoramic video frames and associated GPS data of streets of Moscow and some other Russian cities.
After processing it allows users to edit trajectories of streets on the map embedded in the application with instruments like in graphic editor. This is a Windows Forms application written in C# which works with Oracle RDBMS.

We made a Windows application written in C# which helps to make digital publications for digital magazines portal.
It processes scanned images and allows user to create and edit its metadata. It looks and works like a graphic editor.
There were also projects of systems localization, systems integration, chat bots for messengers, low-level APIs for exchanges (including crypto-exchanges), system software, etc.

Our specialists have experience of participation in projects for Microsoft, Sony (former SonyEricsson), Internal Revenue Service of US and many more.

Expert team is necessary to complete complex projects. We are able to expand our team quickly.
We can hire experts with scientific background from universities and research & development centers.
Team size depends on our work load. Sometimes it reaches a number of 75 people.
Our expertise and skills of specialists are not limited to narrow industries' requirements and we are able to create a unique solution with any scientific level of difficulty.

In keeping with our customers needs, we offer high quality programming services.

Our company hires a team of skilled and devoted engineers and developers who are ready to maintain your project throughout lifecycle. We customize a variety of desktop-, web- and distributed applications to fit your particular business model.
We focus on developing cost-effective and reliable corporate software, which should help business persons manage their companies properly.
Our specialists have developed a full scope of unique solutions to match your specific needs, boost production and help you overcome the increasingly tough competition.


Sincerely yours, Premier SoftProducers' Team.

Thank you for your attention!

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